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We build the CERBERUS in batches to help reduce the cost  (hence the extreme savings versus the nearly $5000 predecessor device).

MSRP is US$450.00 each.

Inventory is ready to ship and we are taking orders for US and International sales.


You can download an instructional overview video here :


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For all US Law Enforcement buyers (Fed-State-Local) please contact Jim Duffy at Tactical Resources:

For non-LE buyers in the US (Military, Gov, Security, & legal US citizens), please contact us directly at:

For International distributors *and* US distributors, please contact us at:

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please reach out and we can discuss the quantity and pricing schedules available.

There are no US domestic nor International shipping restrictions.
The Cerberus is *not* ITAR, and can export EAR99.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone. Credentials may be required. Thank you for your interest in the CERBERUS non-lethal visual disruptor. We look forward to serving you.

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Washington State, USA

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Frequently asked questions

The CERBERUS is designed to hinder the vision of whomever you point it at.  This is usually enough to stop anyone!

The way the target reacts reveals their intent.  If they stop and turn away, perfect, a shooting was avoided.  If they try to fight through the beam, they just established that they are a threat.

The CERBERUS provides the operator valuable time, information, and situational awareness to be able to react accordingly.

The CERBERUS does not use coherent light output, so it meets all FDA safety standards, and does not have an NOHD (Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance).

The specific wavelengths and pulse-rate are what make the CERBERUS so effective at disrupting vision!

Yes absolutely!

Yes absolutely!  The CERBERUS is in full production, and we are taking orders via the noted emails above!

Yes absolutely!  The CERBERUS is *not* an ITAR product and can export EAR99.

Absolutely not *but* it can be used as a flashlight, and is actually a better pistol flashlight than many others.  The particular wavelengths and pulse-rates used by the CERBERUS intentionally interfere with the eye’s ability to adjust when viewed straight on.  The operator of the CERBERUS is not subjected to the interference.